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19. 01. 25

Oxygen analyzer(OA-Z-02)

Oxygen Specialty Brand- OXUS
OXUS is a brand that specializes in the oxygen-related device applications, such as oxygen concentration modules, oxygen supply equipment, and oxygen analyzers,
and OA-Z-02 is designed to precisely measure the oxygen purity in various living environments where people breathe. 

High-performance multi-function oxygen analyzer
Higher precision performance is required because small differences in oxygen purity in living environments can have a large impact.
By designing it with a Zirconia oxygen sensor, OA-Z-02 has high accuracy and ensures near-permanent operation. 

Application of limiting current type zirconia oxygen sensor
Because the zirconia sensor limits the maximum diffusion rate, instead of relying on the reference gas,
the measurement values are stable over time and does not require frequent recalibration.
In addition, the insensitivity to the concentration change due to the pressure fluctuation and the absence of error caused by fluctuating flow rate ensure stability. 

Higher accuracy with 2-point calibration
The measurement values are more accurate by using the 2-point calibration method is used in
high-performance equipment.
It controls the errors in the entire operating range, ensuring higher reliability. 

Product features
Multi-function: Functionalities, such as the alarm and relay, which increases the usability of alarm,
are enabled. This enablement increases the usability by synchronizing with various applications.
Ventilation fan: Because the ventilation fan circulates the ambient air through the sensor,
it can respond to the changes instantaneously.