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Air purifier Oxygen Enrichment

Project Goal

Providing oxygen to the space that people live, work and use to create a comfortable space.

Product System

Basically, it is similar to an air-conditioning unit.

When it is installed on outdoors, it is composed of the outlet and the controller, and separate installation work is required.

The oxygen that is separated from the air in the installed location is sent to the required indoor space through the pipe, and the nitrogen is discharged back to the installed location.

Project Effects

The average oxygen concentration in Earth is 20.9%, and locations that are polluted are reduced in oxygen concentration.

When the oxygen concentration decreases under 20%, people begin to feel stuffy, and the quality of life is reduced.

The oxygen concentration of indoors in cities that people mostly live is generally 20.5%,

and when the residing density increases and due to poor ventilation caused by air-conditioning and heating, the oxygen concentration easily decreases under 20%.

In average, the oxygen concentration of exhalation is 16%, and in the environment with 20.9% in oxygen concentration, only 4.9% of oxygen is actually supplied to the human body.

Therefore, when the oxygen concentration of inhalation is reduced 1% due to the environment, the oxygen reacting on the human body isn’t 1%,

but the insufficient amount of oxygen supplied to the human body reaches up to 20%.