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Aquaculture Fish Farm Oxygen Gas supply

The project is to supply high-purity oxygen
required by fish and shellfish in the aquatic cultivation industry

we are opening a new door toward the modern industry
of the 21st century in the field of wastewater treatment by DO control.

Dissolved Oxygen into the water

It is a well-known fact that the only way to improve water quality is to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) using high-purity oxygen. Effectively dissolving the oxygen into the water requires a high level of technical expertise and experience. After five years of trials and errors. JuvAir finally found a way to effectively provide oxygen into water. Now, more than 150 aquaculture farms in Jeju island benefit from our stat-of-the-art technology.

Based on our experience, we apply our technology into various of fields, including wastewater treatment and deodorization. Thereby contributing into advancement of the industry and improving the quality of live through the application of our technology. JuvAir continue to do research and development(R&D) on high-Efficiency Oxygen Dissolver technology, so that we could always leading the global market.

Thank you.

Advance Pure Oxygen Technology

JuvAair technology is using closed type pure Oxygen injection System into the WasteWater to reduce the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), - TotalSuspended Solids (TSS) as Well as Total Organic Carbon (TOC) by Oxidation processes.

When the wastewater flow into the System an Oxygen dissolved by a circulation pump in an aeration tank, Oxygen With ConCentration of 90% or higher is injected into the entrance of the dissolver in Order to SuperSaturate the Oxygen Concentration up to 400% or higher.

Then, Wastewater is repeatedly returned to the aeration tank to increase the dissolved Oxygen (DO) of the Wastewater and provide the Sufficient DO to microbes for their metabolism for the Contaminants removal processes.


Simple DO Control

Oxygen DiSSolved System is produce by Our proprietory Oxygen generator. This Oxygen generator is possible to adjust the dosing according to the Water Condition.

LOW energy Consumption

Electricity Consumption is 500W per unit. It is Compare to air diffuser and blower it Can Save electricity minimum of 50%.

High efficiency Oxygen dissolve

Oxygen Dissolved System maximizes the dissolution efficiency up to 80% with provide oxygen Concentration approximately 80% and Saturation Over 400% of Oxygen thru Strong turbulence in Oxygen dissolver in the closed circulation System. This innovative System overcomes an uneconomic issue and Complicated Structure of Conventional aerator System.

Oxygen Dissolved System : How it work?

1. By using Pump, Wastewater With Oxygen transfers to the Oxygen dissolver.

2. Oxygen to be dissolved by turbulence in Oxygen dissolver.

3. WasteWater with dissolved Oxygen turns into aerobic tank or pond.

4. Continue circulations will Continue to increase DO concentration in Wastewater.

Oxygen generator operates according to principle

The oxygen generator is for generator supplies only oxygen to separate the nitrogen and oxygen in the air by a PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technique. After separated, Nitrogen is discharged to air and only collected pure Oxygen and Oxygen is provided through air tube to dissolver.

Oxygen Generator

Oxygen Dissolver

Pre-review for proposal

Malacca river problem

Government to investigate on fishes found dead in river

Generally, Any fishes cannot live in polluted Water Over 15 ppm of BOD and lower than DO 3ppm, especially at night time more Serious. It happened to Malacca river.

Definitely, the polluted of water cause lots of fishes died in Malacca river and a severe odor.

Hereby, JuvAir is to offer a Solution for Water treatment for the polluted Water by pure Oxygen treatment.

Target is make of clean river Water using Our Oxygen System for Suitable fishes live environment.

Advanced treatment of polluted Water using to
pure Oxygen high efficiency process offered by JuvAir System is best Solution.

In order to treat polluted water,
the followings are required

Proper DO level

  • Good conditions on life of Microorganism
  • To expedite decomposition by Microorganism
  • To prevent wastewater from Fin-Floc

Low energy consumption

  • To reduce power Consumption
  • In case of aeration fan, much power is required
  • High power Consumption deteriorates pollution due to high temperature

Not effect temperature

  • High temperature makes growth of Microorganism restrain
  • Best temperature for Microorganism is 20-35°C
  • Temperature in POME is over 40°C

Treatment Testing at Palm Oil Mill in Malysia

Treatment of Pigsty Facilities Effluent
for 10 Different sites in Korea

Odor with Liquefied Fertilizer

  • Cause by problems of decomposing manure about liquefied fertilizer

Odor in pigsty

  • Odor problems that jeopardize the living of a local residents
    Problem of constant civil complaint

Waste water treatment data for pigsty

Treatment of Sewage effluent of
7 different sites in Korea

After JuvAir Oxygen system, removed odor 90% and reduce operation time and resolve the over load problems.

ANYWHERE to enhance DO demand,
the system can be applied to

Replaced aeration using
conventional air diffuser system

JuvAir system is very simple in installation and air diffusers are not required.
Accordingly, JuvAir system offers low installation and operation cost with good efficiency.

ANYWHERE to enhance DO demand,
the system can be applied to


JuvAir's pure oxygen technology is compatible with the sequencing batch reactors (SBR). The technology creates aerobic conditions in the upper part of the tank, and anaerobic conditions in the lower part of the tank, which remarkably improves the treatment time and space requirements.

Comparison with Air blower and
Oxygen Dissolver

Test performed in clear water without animals and microbe

Air blower and air diffuser : Max. 10ppm (20 lpm)
Oxygen Dissolver : Max. above 43ppm (2 lpm)

Oxygen Dissolver made Oxygen concentration
7 times higher than Air blower and air diffuser.

Air blower and air diffuser

Oxygen Generator and Dissolver

Why Pure Oxygen Engineering?

Aeration interferes with maintaining the appropriate level of the dissolved oxygen concentration.
It also generates heat, which inhibits microorganism proliferation.
The increased contamination load results in the expansion of the site area and budget increase caused by the installation of new treatment facilities.

Low Do

Inhibits microorganism proliferation, especially filamentous fungus, and lowers the sedimentation rate -> lower effluent water quality

High temperature

Increases microorganism proliferation, which inhibits the disintegration of organic matters -> no water quality improvement

High efficiency and Low power