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Hospital Oxygen Gas Supply

Project Goal

The gas delivery system is substituted to continuously supply the oxygen required by patients in hospitals and sanatoriums.

Product System

It is mostly installed in dry and cool places that require ventilation, and it is connected to the Gas Central Piping System.

On power failure, it is automatically converted to cylinder gas for emergency through the automatic conversion valve,

and in the nurses’ station, the abnormal state including power failure can be detected.

Also, when it is connected to the central service monitoring system, the product state can be monitored in real-time through the internet.

Project Effects
  • - Oxygen management work is reduced greatly to decrease the maintenance cost.

  • - The cost for oxygen is reduced in countries with low electric bill.

  • - The risk from oxygen container management can be avoided.

  • - The problems in the gas delivery system such as limitation of delivery distance and time, and shortage from momentary increase in demand can be relieved.