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19. 01. 22

New business opportunity, 30% price competitiveness!

New business opportunity, 30% price competitiveness!
Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzer - JUVAIR

OA-Z-IG Oxygen Analyzer for inert gas monitoring. 
Recommended for marine environment that requires attention in fire hazard.
1. Introduction
 Introduction of manufacturer
Since 2008, OXUS Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing oxygen related measuring instruments such as oxygen sensor, atmospheric oxygen analyzer, high purity oxygen analyzer, zirconia sensor, ultrasonic oxygen sensor and IGG oxygen analyzer.
- IGG Oxygen Analyzer MED licenses acquired in 2014
- Installed in over 300 oil tankers from 2014 to 2018
- Ensures cost-efficiency against performance
- Responses of professional technical support 
2. Specification 

3. Photos
'G' company's  O2 monitoring test for IGG discharge gas (Yr 2014)
The example of installation in oil-tanker   (Yr 2016)
4. Proposal

OA-Z-IG products can be cost effective if they are applied as a panel by extra work on site.
If you have any questions, please contact us at  info@juvair.com
We will send you more detailed info.
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