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18. 08. 16

New Product Release - Indoor oxygen concentrator

JUVAIR Co., Ltd.  We reJuvenate Air.



We launch a new product for Oxygen concentrator of indoor unit in November.



Introducing the Oxygen Generator Indoor Unit, which has significantly improved functions than the conventional passive oxygen generator indoor unit. 

We apply the latest indoor air quality measurement sensor and the best specification fine dust filter and supply a large amount of clean oxygen. 
You can breathe clean air in the woods indoors from the stuffy indoor air.



[Oxygen is so common that it accounts for 21% of the atmosphere, but even a little shortage affects life. Oxygen is getting scarce in the room due to environmental pollution and changes in living environment. 
If you live in an oxygen-free room for a long time, the amount of moglobin in the body's blood decreases, causing headaches, poor eating, shortness of breath, and vomiting. 
It is also due to lack of oxygen that the head gets heavy when I stay in the air-conditioned office or in the car for a long time.] Hideki Noguchi, Ph.D.



Oxygen-supply oxygen supply system. 
An indoor unit (Oxyunit-R) for supplying oxygen to the room, the outdoor unit (Oxycombi-020) that supplies only clean oxygen from outside air. 
An oxygen piping was installed between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. 
Remote control to control indoor unit.



Juvair oxygen concentrator of indoor unit has differentiating characteristics from existing products. It monitors the indoor air quality and automatically performs oxygen supply and fine dust reduction functions. 
An oxygen cannula connection port is provided at the bottom of the indoor unit so that oxygen can be sucked up quickly at any time. 
The remote control is equipped with a blood oxygen sensor to detect real-time SPO2.
Juvair oxygen concentrator of indoor unit is scheduled to be released in November 2018. 
Please contact us in advance and we will give you discount at product promotion. 

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